About the project

The main aim of our project is to help our students deepen their knowledge on their own culture and foreign cultures by promoting a wide range of activities directly integrated within the participating schools.Through this knowledge students will be more tolerant and open-minded towards cultural diversity.
The students will explore their and participant countries’ cultures through a “learning by doing approach”.
The language used on the project will be English so the students will improve their language skills and understand the importance of knowing foreign languages to communicate.
The project meetings will be of great importance as each school will exhibit its culture in as many aspects as possible during these meetings.
Celebrating national days and religious feasts,preparing a common dictionary related to culture,preparing a joint calendar,publishing an online students’ magazine every month,preparing presentations,creating booklets about food recipes and local dances,performing local folk dances,preparing quizzes on main historical events,publishing a common newspaper on different environmental problems in participating countries,the reasons of emigration/immigration and gender issues,suggesting national authors and poets,sharing CDs and DVDs,creating a common music album of the national anthems,participating in quizzes,reading activities and contests,commenting on book reviews and summaries and creating a common photo album will be,among others,a way of bridging cultural differences and broadening the students’ view on other European partners’ way of living,thinking and expressing.
The final product of the proposed partnership at hand will be a book including a selection of the most relevant activities developed throughout the project.


3 Responses to About the project

  1. Ümit ÇİÇEK says:

    Dear Xavier,
    I have just been checking the wikipage and have seen the link to the website and blog.They both look marvellous!I’m quite happy this project will reach its goals.You are the most well organised and capable coordinator!
    I wish all of you a very good school year indeed.
    All the best,

  2. Pucholdtova says:

    Dear Umit,
    you are such a great man! I still hope you ´ll join us later this year.
    With regards,

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